PHILIP REBSTOCK         Artist

A short Bio

A lifetime exploring the Fine Arts ..both personally and professionally ! My start in Photography and the visual arts began in 1968, when I picked up my first camera and developed my first film by hand.
Since then, I have spent a lifetime making images...with photographic film, silver halide paper, platinum paper, cyan prints, gum prints, type C prints, Cibachrome, Dye Transfer, canvas, the many forms of art and non-art papers and man made substrates. 
I worked 37 years in Professional photography....commercial and portrait labs (some of which I owned) doing "wet" photography...and later digital photo labs! 
On the camera side...I have worked in portrait, commercial, advertising, fashion, museum reproduction of art works and as a fine art photographer !
In addition to exploring 1979 I began my journey in traditional Painting on canvas! First thru academic study . and then in my own painting studio's! I did traditional drawing techniques along with work in Oil and Acrylic on canvas and masonite! Working in this way for the next 15 years! In the late 1990's I began working with mixed media...some of my pieces consisted of Acrylic, Ink, Tempra, Watercolor, Chalk on Hand made paper on wood. Others were clear polyvinyl material, paint, mylar type foil sandwiched on wood !
My mixed media, painting and photography pieces have been published, exhibited and sold in Galleries in Texas and Louisiana, and exhibited at the Alexandria Museum of Art!
 My most recent work is now returning to it's roots in a somewhat mixed media of photography...the journey has just begun !!!